Zaldy Villa announces: Siquijor now COVID-free

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CEBU CITY – The provincial government of Siquijor announced on Monday that the tourist island is again free of coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19).

Governor Zaldy Villa said all four Covid-19 cases reported in the province have already recovered from the disease after a month-long isolation.

In its Covid-19 bulletin released Monday morning, the provincial government noted that Siquijor no longer has any active coronavirus case as of August 23.

“We are able to prevent the local transmission of the virus. Upon their arrival in our port, we brought the LSIs (locally stranded individuals) straight to their holding area and subjected them to swab test and those tested positive were isolated from the main populace,” Villa told the Philippine News Agency (PNA) in an interview.

Due to strict implementation of health and safety protocols in the province, Villa said they were able to prevent local transmission, securing the rest of the more than 95,000 population.

The four patients who have recently recovered from Covid-19 were part of the 32 LSIs from Manila who arrived in Siquijor last July.

But on Aug. 1, the province reported its first two Covid-19 cases and two other cases were detected more than a week later.

These four cases were locally stranded individuals (LSIs) from Manila who tested positive when they arrived in the province.

The provincial government has also assured that medical personnel and other front-liners are doing their best to manage the threat of Covid-19 contagion in the province.

“We will strive to be Covid-free until the end of this pandemic. With the recovery of all four Covid-19 patients, the people of Siquijor will work hard to prevent further contagion,” the governor said. (PNA)