You may eat Carcar lechon, Gwen to Cebuanos

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The selling of lechon from Carcar City, where African swine fever has been detected, to other areas in Cebu is allowed, Governor Gwendolyn Garcia said.

Garcia, however, said that the leftovers will not be given to pigs.

“May I repeat this to all Cebuanos, you can eat it,” the governor said of Carcar City’s lechon. (

Those who feed the leftovers to pigs, on one hand, will be dealt with accordingly.

“That’s non-negotiable. No swill feeding. That is the only way that a pig can be infected, when he eats infected meat,” said Garcia.

“It’s a national policy. They are allowing sausages, chicharon, the processed food. But this is also cooked. And in fact it is allowed by the region that cooked pork products will go out because this is delicious,” she added.

Department of Agriculture Administrative Circular 2, series of 2022 procides that “processed meat products (cooked)” from red (infected zones) which have been “subjected to temperature of at least 70 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes such as but not limited to hotdogs, ham, chicharon, lechon and other canned pork products can be moved across all colored zones.”

Garcia made the announcement after lechon sellers in Carcar City reported lower sales of lechon not only to Carcar residents but also to customers from outside Carcar after the March 6 announcement that ASF had been detected in Carcar’s pigs.