Will the real Samsam please stand up?


Samsam Gullas met his almost doppelganger right in Talisay City.

The politiko had a good laugh from Facebook when another man named Samsam almost got his lechon delivery from a local seller.

The guy named Samsam Rabaya shared the merchant’s text, saying he deserves the mistaken identity because he looks just as handsome as the mayor. The politiko was in on the joke too, finding the coincidence hilarious.

Which Samsam do you like more?[0]=AZVm5PUVnU-EXRdIj3juzwJbjzqSDb0bBYyHMfTjtpiBZmpCaOt4KQgQJClqt3jU5dvN5tlE3QGU3kD_QnPhoY8ZQ5RsocHie0NHK6mJH_OcSL0CMAwvv1NB-4bz7lmsy-bwR7BcuJN9z2sIUrUxkLJVRB_D4_xCxffb69nAM3ueibgslBFPC8Zkls01tU7msHBtF7bJtXfkJRA2o2gw9Om05wXj3YvNANAnYT-m3JJVRgf7wADZNzcbhOmXiQIJ3h0&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R