WATCH: This candid moment of Lucy and Richard Gomez slow dancing will make you melt


This couple is the perfect example of a long and lasting love.

Showbiz turned politiko couple Mayor Richard Gomez and Rep. Lucy Torres-Gomez have had busier days ever since they both started running Ormoc.

Lucy recalls coming home close to midnight feeling all spent and sleepy, but it took one song to turn the mood around.

At home, their daughter Juliana played Etta James’ “At Last,” which instantly turned on the romantic vibe between the couple.

“He takes me in his arms just as I ask him to dance with me. I have but this very short clip of that moment, of us going away into own little world within the words of just one song, taken by Juliana as she sat by the speakers,” Lucy proudly shared.

“My always busy and often far-away husband was home for the weekend, and Etta was singing for us. It was my kind of perfect midnight.”

Kilig overload!