War! Iloilo City barangay captains snub councilors at fiesta. Here’s why

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What was supposed to be a festive event in Iloilo City became a tense one, after barangay captains in the Jaro district snubbed the city’s councilors at the Jaro fiesta last Feb. 2.

The snub stemmed from the council’s decision banning the Jaro barangay captains from charging entrance fees for the agro-industrial fair in Jaro plaza, The Daily Guardian reported.

But the move could cost the barangay captains, as at least one councilor hinted they can strike back by delaying the approval of the barangays’ yearly budgets.

Only City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog, Vice Mayor Jose Espinosa and Rep. Jerry Treñas were present at the coronation of the Jaro fiesta queen last Feb. 2 .

Among the city councilors, only Reylan Hervias, president of the Liga ng mga Barangay-Iloilo City and an ex-official member of the council, was present.

Jaro’s fair is a major attraction due to its featured rides, games and even alcoholic beverages.

City councilor Joshua Alim said that while they understand the snub, the council can retaliate by delaying the approval of the annual barangay budgets.

“But we will not do that. Our decision to do away with the entrance fee is for their protection also. What if someday sues them for making business at the plaza which is beyond the commerce of man based on our laws?” he said.