VM Rama suspends budget hearing


Vice Mayor Michael Rama suspended on Thursday the hearing on Cebu City’s proposed P10.4 billion budget for next year.

Only one member of the local finance committee of the executive department attended the hearing.

Rama said all members of the committee should be present in the budget hearing to present the source of funds for the annual budget. (

“This is a very important budget hearing. There are matters that have to be answered before we proceed. If you talk about local finance committee in a budget hearing, all of them should be around. This is not an ordinary budget hearing. This is for the P10.4 billion annual budget 2020,” he added.

It has to be under the spirit of transparency and accountability, according to him.

Rama said the local finance committee should explain why City Treasurer Arlene Rentuza signed the proposed annual budget 2020 “with reservations” and when will the city government have a regular treasurer.

The budget hearing will resume today, with the local finance committee explaining first the source of funds.