VM Rama saddened by death of ex-councilor Jack Jakosalem


Cebu City Vice Mayor Michael Rama lamented the loss of former Councilor Sylvan “Jack” Jakosalem, who passed away on Wednesday.

Rama regarded Jakosalem, who he said is one of the first members of Barug Team Rama, as a close ally.

“I am saddened to hear of the passing of a good friend, a radio DJ & a fellow public servant, Sylvan ‘Jack the Wack’ Jakosalem,” the vice mayor said. (

“Jack served Cebu City as a city councilor and former CITOM (Cebu City Integrated Traffic Operations Management) Chief, where he courageously advocated for solutions to traffic including opposing the controversial constriction of two flyovers. He was a passionate advocate for a more livable Cebu City,” he added.

The council is set to honor the late three-term councilor in the regular session on Wednesday.

Jakosalem was hospitalized on February 14 due to seizure, pneumonia, and UTI.