Visayas IATF head urges symptomatic patients to seek urgent treatment


Visayas Inter-Agency Task Force deputy chief implementer Mel Feliciano urged individuals showing early symptoms of coronavirus (Covid-19) to seek immediate medical attention.

“Strict monitoring of symptomatic individuals is important for them to avoid developing moderate to severe symptoms that could lead to further hospitalization, and worst – death,” said Feliciano.

Feliciano oversees the Bacolod City Emergency Operations Center Task Force (EOC-TF) in coordination with Task Force head Mayor Evelio Leonardia. (

Data from the EOC-TF showed that 157 out of 706 individuals with flu-like symptoms tested positive for Covid-19, or a positivity rate of 22.24 percent.

As of October 23, Covid-19 fatality rate in Bacolod already reached 2.54 percent, or an aggregate of 199 hospitalization and home deaths.

“People die — that’s the worst thing about Covid-19. That’s why we have to prevent it. Several home deaths have been recorded due to the absence of, or late, medical intervention,” said Feliciano.