‘Uncle Joe’ threatens to blacklist hardheaded ukay-ukay vendors in Iloilo City markets

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Despite an ongoing ban, ukay-ukay (used clothing) stalls remain rampant in Iloilo City, including the Jaro Agro-Industrial Fair inside Jaro Plaza.

This is despite Mayor Jose Espinosa III’s position that the city police can confiscate and close ukay-ukay stalls in plazas.

Espinosa warned he will blacklist from all markets the vendors who continue to sell inside plazas, adding authorities have the power to arrest these vendors

He said the ban on ukay-ukay inside plazas is in line with Republic Act 4653, which prohibits since 2017 the commercial importation of “used clothing and rags.”

Espinosa even issued an executive order directing the Task Force on Anti-Squatting and Illegal Structures to tear down ukay-ukay stalls in public plazas.

Meanwhile, he urged the public to report to the police the presence of ukay-ukay stalls inside public plazas.

“Anyone can report. As a public citizen of our country if you see something which is something against the law, you have to report it. If the crime is about to be committed or just been committed, you can approach our police authority,” he added.