Uh-oh! Lucy Torres walks in too early for her surprise birthday bash

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Someone still got surprised, but it wasn’t the birthday girl.

Ormoc Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez had to endure a cold on her birthday last Monday, Dec. 11.

She decided to lie low that day and go home early to nurse her cold, only to walk in on her friends cooking up a surprise party for her.

After this plot twist, the gang still had a lot of fun even if Gomez was bare-faced in her pambahay clothes.

And so i turned a year older Monday, December 11. It was a regular work day, i was nursing a cold and really had nothing planned. But after mass i came home to find a handful of friends. They were setting up a little dinner,and got surprised when i walked in on their surprise.😂 And so we had a nice spontaneous evening, warm and wonderful —- I was in my house clothes, sneezing, watery eyes and all, but i was with family, and was all warm in my heart because of all the precious greetings and well wishes sent my way. Thank you to all those who remembered me on my birthday.🌹 As I made a wish when i blew the candles on the prettiest little cake i ever saw (thank you, Ange!❤️) I really only have gratitude for all that is, as i look forward to all that is yet to be. Life is beautiful. Always. Thank you, dear God, for everything.🙏🏻 P.S. Thank you @piacampos and @deniselolim for planning the ‘surprise’😂

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She still looked young and fresh as ever.