Tommy Osmeña, wife not running for office in 2022


The Osmeña couple does not have any plans of seeking public office in 2022.

Councilor Margot Osmeña said thus during the Cebu City’s Independence Day celebration yesterday.

The Osmeñas will leave City Hall on June as the new set of city officials assumes office.

Tomas lost the mayorship to Vice Mayor Edgardo Labella while Margot is on her last term as councilor.

“I am not ashamed to say I’m turning 70 this year. Who at 70 wants to go into politics? If given another choice and I have so many choices… I have so much that I can do pa on my own. It doesn’t mean you stop…I don’t like to use serving ba because it’s overused… Giving back to whoever what we have received,” Margot said in The Freeman article.

She added that her husband does not plan to run again.

“He’s resigned na as of June 30… He will always be around if needed, if asked, but he’s not going to…I don’t think he has plans to… he doesn’t tell people what to do. Tommy has never asked people, even who believed in what he believes in, to pledge loyalty. You have never seen that,” according to her.