Tommy Osmeña mocks Alcover’s ‘xerox’ posters


Walang budget?

The political rivalry in Cebu City is definitely heating up, with Councilor Jun Alcover going the extra mile just to overpower Mayor Tommy Osmeña’s posters around town.

Alcover proudly posted how he placed his own black-and-white promo materials over Osmeña’s blue ones, calling it a war. But Osmeña retaliated only to doubt Alcover’s capacity, mocking that their camp seems to have no funds for enticing posters.

“#AlcoverYourPosterPeroWithXeroxLang,” so goes Osmeña’s tirade.

Team Suyop Jun Alcobird imong “war” ba#AlcoverYourPosterPeroWithXeroxLang

Posted by Tommy Osmeña on Wednesday, 10 April 2019

What a burn!