Tommy Osmeña gets motorbikes, BMW impounded in Cebu’s no-counterflow rule

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Motorists are learning traffic rules the hard way.

Mayor Tomas “Tommy” Osmeña is teaching Cebuanos a tough lesson as he seeks to ease road congestion and instill discipline among drivers.

Starting this February, the Cebu City Hall is strictly implementing a no-counterflow rule along major roads, including streets which have been declared as one-way. Once caught, violators get their cars or motorcycles towed and impounded for a month.

Osmeña has been criticized for the new traffic rule, with some saying that it was too much. The politiko, however, said this would allow poor and rich drivers to “suffer as equals” as they will have no access to their car for 30 long days.

Enforcers have been on a roll in apprehending hard-headed drivers, towing a range of simple motorcycles to even this sparkling BMW.

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