To the max! Iloilo tightens truck ban


After getting flak for the continued traffic jams in Iloilo City, City Hall is tightening the implementation of an existing truck ban.

Iloilo City Administrator Hernando Galvez said his office would communicate with the Transportation Management and Traffic Regulation Office to evaluate the implementation.

But offhand, Galvez cited the need to post signage to inform the public of the truck ban ordinance in the first place.

Also, the Iloilo City Government will provide “Truck Ban Stickers” to be posted on the trucks’ windshields.

Trucks without these stickers shall not be allowed to pass through, park, to load and unload on streets covered by the ordinance.

Under the truck ban ordinance, “mini-lorries” delivering diesel fuel to commercial establishments are allowed to cross the city streets at any time of the day.

Figures from the Iloilo City government as of July 2018 showed 147 truck ban violators had been apprehended.

Meanwhile, Galvez downplayed speculations of a rift with the PSTMO. The supposed rift prompted Mayor Jose Espinosa III to assure the public of “unity” in the city government amid recent exchanges between Galvez and PSTMO head Jeck Conlu.

Earlier, Galvez had claimed implementation of traffic laws was lax, while Conlu disagreed.