This is Lucy Torres’ favorite memory of Spain


The beautiful island paradise was a place to breathe and eat fresh.

Model turned Ormoc Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez daydreamed of returning to Mallorca, Spain, where she vividly remembers spending a “perfect day” out.

Unlike most of her days, being on vacation meant no rushing to meet one appointment after another. There, she had the luxury of letting the day’s goals unfold before her slow and easy, where she can drink in the sights and indulge her senses.

Her day in Mallorca with husband Mayor Richard Gomez started with a visit to an organic plantation, an olive farm serving freshly-picked meals, and good ol’ homemade jam that’s unlike any other.

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This was a perfect day in Mallorca, where the only agenda was to go with however the day chose to unfold. Our first stop was an organic plantation of sorts, where we picked and tasted nuts and fruits from shrubs and trees. We then drove up for a home-cooked meal in a beautiful property overlooking a grove filled with thousands of olive trees, bought local products from a co-op (salad oils and soap and fresh, sweet fruits, cheese). And right before sunset we chanced upon a small orchard filled with a variety of citrus trees, on a fertile patch of land lovingly tilled by Johan, husband to Sebastiana. We bought bottles of honey and orange marmalade to bring back home, and then gathered around a table by the open outdoor kitchen of the orchard drinking freshly-squeezed orange juice, grateful for the day and all that it was, all I will always remember it to be.♥️

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What a breather!