This is Dodod Cadiao’s ultimate stress-reliever

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She is a Governor on weekdays and a farmer over the weekend.

Antique Governor Rhodora “Dodod” Cadiao has found the perfect work-life balance, which is apparently her secret to staying energized and radiant everyday.

While Cadiao may be always on the go during weekdays, she opts for some quiet alone time every Sunday. She changes her look from regal to workman’s clothes as she religiously maintains her backyard farm.

“Ever wondered why Gov. Dodod values her Sunday rest day? She treasures her time in her garden as a stress reliever,” her Facebook page revealed, showing photos of the unassuming politiko tilling the land.

“Aside from being her stress reliever, it helps that the entire Cadiao family has an old-time passed on tradition of farming, gardening and planting trees as a hobby — a true blue Antiqueño farmer family from Culasi,” it added.

What a humble woman!