This girl is Jerry Treñas’ inspiration as Iloilo mayor


He will do everything just to give this charming girl a better life.

Mayor Jerry Treñas has successfully returned to the Iloilo City Hall. While things are still relatively chill, the politiko found his beloved apo Nathalie paying him a visit at work.

The doting lolo instantly lit up as he cuddled the chubby-faced angel, who actually resembled him in some ways.

“My life is somehow occupied in being the father of this city, but I never forget to be a good grandfather to MY LITTLE BOSS,” Treñas proudly shared.

He even made a pledge to Nathalie about a brighter future.

“Natalie is one of those young ones who will benefit the fruits of our efforts in making this city a better place to live in,” the politiko added.

What a loving lolo!