Teddy Locsin: 3,000 colorum vehicles in Boracay must be amphibious


Philippine Ambassador to the United Nations Teddy Locsin on April 26 said the 3,000 colorum vehicles in Boracay must be amphibious.

Locsin was reacting to former Commission on Elections (Comelec) Commissioner Gregorio Larrazabal’s tweet about his surprise there are so many colorum vehicles in the world-famous island.

“There are at least 3,000 vehicles that’s not supposed to be in Boracay Island??? WOW!!” Larrazabal said.

In response, Locsin said: “How did they get on the island. Amphibious?” Locsin said.

He also said he has not been to Boracay for over three decades.

“Last time I was there 35 years ago, there were a few jeepneys and a couple of golf carts,” Locsin said.