Teche Cho takes family to Luneta on Heroes’ Day


It’s the best way to get her kid interested about Philippine history.

Mayor Teche Sitoy-Cho of Cordova, Cebu flew to Manila for the long weekend to pay a visit to his father. The politiko took her family with her as they visited the famous Rizal Park, where they honored the Gat. Jose Rizal in time for National Heroes’ Day on Monday, Aug. 27.

But the day’s biggest savior was Cho’s dad, who went to answer the many questions fired by her son.

“Thank you Papa Addy, Sec. Adelino B. Sitoy for the love of history & imparting always your knowledge to us especially to your grandson Charles Daniel Cho who so loves history like you do,” Cho said.

“He loves to listen to your stories & he says only his Lolo can answer his 100 more questions about history & civics. You are our living hero!”