Teche Cho falls prey to fake news in Cordova


Even social media is being used to scatter lies over a dirty coast in town.

Mayor Teche Sitoy-Cho got a taste of fake news after a netizen shared photos of a garbage-filled coastal area in Barangay Day-as in Cordova, Cebu. The politiko was quick to respond by sending the Solid Waste Management team and a dump truck owned by the municipal hall, only to find that the place was clean to begin with.

They were due for a scolding, but it turns out that they were doing a good job all along.

“Our dear Cordovanhons, I understand that each one of us is concerned for our beloved town. I personally, we, in the municipality also care for our town and so much for its people. I understand that as constituents, you have complaints and concerns. However, I am encouraging you to please submit your concerns in a real time basis so we can also address it accordingly,” Cho said after the incident.

“I recognize that social media is a platform to express your thoughts but in cases like this, social media can’t really answer you, it may just destroy the image of our town and hurt the majority.”