Surge in Boracay tourists sign of economic recovery, Haresco Jr. says

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Aklan Rep. Teodorico Haresco Jr. hailed the rise in foreign arrivals on Boracay Island as a sign of economic recovery for the province and the country.

Haresco Jr. cited a report from the Malay municipal tourism office that showed a consistent influx of foreign tourists on the island, with a 69 percent increase.

The tourism office recorded 6,873 tourists in June, up from 4,268 in May, 4,737 in April, and 2,533 in March. (

“The revival of the tourism industry, especially of famed destinations like Boracay Island, will be key to providing more local jobs and boosting our economic recovery,” the solon said.

The bulk of foreign arrivals entering the island came from the United States, United Kingdom, France, Canada, Singapore, and Korea.

Domestic tourism also contributed to the tourism boom with the number of visitors in March soaring to 111,022 from February’s 80,095.

“The challenge for us now is to continue to strictly enforce health and safety protocols to protect both locals and tourists from Covid-19 while keeping holistic and comprehensive efforts to expand tourism recovery and build back the economy better,” said Haresco Jr.