Strategic mass testing for COVID extended in Cebu City


The targeted and strategic community testing for coronavirus (Covid-19) in Cebu City has been extended. It started yesterday and will run until Wednesday.

This time, a sweeper rapid testing is to be conducted in the city’s barangays following a low turnout during the strategic mass testing that began May 6.

Yesterday, tests were conducted in Barangays Apas, Tisa, Cogon Pardo, and Bulacao. (

Today, the test will be conducted in Barangays Tinago, Hipodromo, Kasambagan, Ermita, and Lahug.

On Wednesday, health workers will visit Barangays Basak San Nicolas, Basak Pardo, Pit-os, Sambag 1, Sambag 2, and Bacayan.

Dr. Mary Jane Loreche, chief pathologist of the Department of Health (DOH)-7, reported that the strategic mass testing has covered 77 out of the 80 barangays in the city as of May 15.

Meanwhile, the cities of Mandaue and Lapu-Lapu were able to visit all its barangays – 27 in Mandaue and 30 in Lapu-Lapu.

The three cities have conducted strategic mass testing simultaneously in line with the Project Project Buhay initiated by the Office of the Presidential Assistance for the Visayas.

As of May 17, at least 6,205 Cebu City residents have participated in the mass testing. The city has a 35.38 percentage rate since the total target (10 percent of total household) is 17,536.

Mandaue City has a 109.97 percentage rate because the number of those who participated in the mass testing, 12,792 residents, was more than the city’s target of 11,632 residents.

Lapu-Lapu City also exceeded its target of 10,477 residents with the actual turnout of 10,760 or a percentage rate of 102.70.