Stop anti-vaccination fake news – Treñas

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Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas urged his constituents to spread facts and not misleading claims about Covid-19 vaccines.

Treñas issued the remark in response to a viral video of a doctor discussing the “negative effects” of the vaccination.

“I am deeply alarmed by the number of people who believe in this propaganda,” the city mayor said. (

“As the father of the city, I made the choice to get the Covid-19 vaccine because it is safe and effective, and I want to protect my family and my beloved Ilonggos,” he furthered.

According to Treñas, the available Covid-19 vaccines were carefully tested and approved by various medical organizations including the country’s Food and Drug Association.

“More than 8,000 Ilonggos have received their second dose including our medical frontliners and are now fully immunized. We have been promoting vaccines so all of us can finally stop the threat of the virus and get back to normal. We all gain nothing but safety. Help spread the facts,” he added.