Soldier violates gun ban on Labor Day

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A member of the Philippine Army is in hot water for allegedly violating the Commission on Elections’ gun ban during a Labor Day protest in Kabankalan City in Negros Occidental last Wednesday, May 1.

Kabankalan City police chief Police Lt. Col. Jonel Guadalupe declined to name the soldier but described him as a member of the Army’s 15th Infantry Battalion.

Guadalupe said the soldier was conducting covert security operations during the rally when some protesters saw him carrying a firearm.

Protesters mobbed the soldier, who was turned over to police custody. Recovered from the soldier a cal-.45 pistol.

But Guadalupe said the soldier is planning to file a complaint against some protesters who he said may have taken his mobile phone and necklace when he was mobbed.

The soldier is detained at Kabankalan City Police Station.

Investigation showed the soldier, who was in civilian attire when he was mobbed, failed to show documents proving he is exempted from the Comelec gun ban.

On the other hand, Guadalupe said the military usually coordinates with them regarding security, though some intelligence officers have separate orders.