Si kuya na! Eldest son wins Vallacar Transit control

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A family feud reared its ugly head in Negros-based Vallacar Transit Inc., operator of Ceres buses, one of the country’s most recognizable transport companies.

The feud saw a change in the management where Roy Yanson, eldest son of the late VTI founder Ricardo Yanson, “ousted” youngest sibling Leo Rey Yanson as president and CEO.

But Leo Rey Yanson will continue to serve as Director and member of the Board, the company said (

The company said the change stemmed from a special board meeting held Sunday, where the board also replaced corporate officers “who will work with the new company President to ensure a smooth transition of the transport firm’s administration.”

But Leo Rey questioned the ouster, adding he does not recognize the “illegal actions” of Roy V. Yanson, Emily V. Yanson, Ma. Lourdes Celina Y. Lopez and Ricardo Yanson Jr.

He said this includes the election of Roy as the new president, in what he called “an illegally held special meeting.”

Leo Rey’s statement also condemned what he claimed as the bringing of armed men inside the company premises “sowing unnecessary fear among the employees.”

Meanwhile, Roy’s lawyers said the election of the former as president followed procedures, adding Leo Rey was ousted due to “loss of trust and confidence.”

VTI is the first subsidiary of the Yanson Group of Bus Companies, starting in 1968 with the brand Ceres Liner, which is named after the founder’s younger sister.

Ceres Liner was covering the whole province of Negros by 1980.

By 2007, Ceres Liner’s Iloilo base pioneered travel between Iloilo City and Metro Manila through the Western Nautical Highway. The Yanson Group expanded its Metro Manila operations and later established Ceres Transport in 2009.

In 2016, Ceres Liner bought around 70 bus franchises from D’ Rough Riders Express and formed a new brand as Sugbo Transit.