Sharon Garin: Motherhood changes your priorities

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AAMBIS-OWA Representative Sharon Garin, in a Rappler report, said becoming a mother has changed her priorities.

The Iloilo politiko said she does not impress upon her child that she’s a lawmaker.

“I think, when a child comes out of you, there’s a chip that changes and turns you into something. It changes, really. Priorities are different. The husband comes second. Your child is your child. It’s different. It’s difficult but, you know, the pleasures you get out of that hard work is immeasurable,” Garin explained.

She also said she does not want her child to get used to the idea of her being a lawmaker.

“Yes, it’s a job and, yes, it’s a job in the government. Probably, he senses some importance to it. But not really that I’d explain to him and everything. He just thinks I work as a lawyer and all I say is “objection!” Garin said.