Sex for rice? NegOcc town mayor orders probe


Don Salvador Benedicto Mayor Marxlen dela Cruz ordered the Philippine National Police to investigate the riders who displayed an “immoral placard.”

Dela Cruz denounced the motorcycle riders who held a placard with lewd words while passing through the streets of the town early this week.

“Everybody is welcome to our humble municipality to see the great gift of nature, the scenic views… provided, visitors must be respectful,” the mayor wrote in a post on DSB’s Facebook page. (

“We do not tolerate unwanted attitudes from tourists, whether local or foreign, and we condemn immoral acts even only a mere gesture of it, like displaying posters that incite immorality,” he added.

A picture of the unidentified motorcycle riders holding a placard soliciting sex in exchange for rice went viral on Facebook early this week.

“To the culprits of the unwanted immoral act, our investigators are doing everything to determine your identities. And once identified, we promise we will make you feel the claws of law,” dela Cruz warned.

The culprits, he also said, will be declared “Persona Non Grata” and will be barred from entering the town.