Samsam Gullas sides with Duterte on banning face-to-face classes


As a mayor and parent, it’s what’s best for the children.

Talisay City Mayor Samsam Gullas shared his thoughts about President Rodrigo Duterte’s latest State of the Nation Address, giving him a thumbs-up with the general direction he provided in his nearly two-hour speech.

“I am happy with the direction that the President is taking,” the politiko said. “His tough but genuine leadership will be remembered, especially as the nation remembers how we rise up from this pandemic.”

He went to specifics and took Duterte side in calling off face-to-face classes nationwide until a vaccine is accessed worldwide.

“I believe the President is only concerned for the lives of many children who might get sick of Covid-19 if physical distancing is ignored. I have been in constant coordination with our DepED officials to formulate a plan with the necessary logistics and funding towards new teaching methodologies. We will equip our teachers to do what’s necessary to educate our children during this pandemic,” Gullas added, noting he also agreed with the threat given to telco players as it would likewise play a role in virtual learning.