Samsam Gullas sad to see Mayor Chiong resign

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Samsam Gullas was sad to hear his dear friend Valdemar Chiong drop his job as mayor of nearby Naga City in Cebu.

But Gullas is all about providing support, so he said he understands why Chiong left after serving the Sandiganbayan’s suspension order.

“It was a sudden decision and I am saddened by it because Mayor Val has always been a great leader and how he had lead Naga is proof of that. But we support Mayor Val’s decision. Alayon is an organization that respects the individual decisions of all our mayors and leaders in the district,” said Gullas.

“While I would have wanted him to stay, and I truly asked him to stay, at least until the end of this term, our type of leadership is one that is not dictated by one person controlling another but centered around making a collective decision with all the leaders and stakeholders involved.”

We received word that one of our closest allies, Mayor Valdemar Chiong of the City of Naga, has relinquished his post as…

Posted by Samsam Gullas on Wednesday, 26 February 2020