Samsam Gullas revitalizes Talisay’s anti-drug program


It’s not tokhang that prevails here but a different kind of drug crackdown.

Mayor Samsam Gullas of Talisay, Cebu revived his fervent support for the Kabataan Kontra Droga at Terrorismo or KKDT just as the city is still grappling with some COVID-19 cases.

It’s not as bloody as how President Rodrigo Duterte does it, but the politiko believes this is a job that needs to be done. The strategy entails “relentless drug operations” against drug pushers, retailers and traders, weekly barangay visits and information campaigns, the rehabilitation of users, and barangay-level drug clearing operations.

“I truly believe the war against drugs will be very difficult and a winless war, if we don’t have the support of the community,” the politiko said. “With the support of the community, the PNP and the government, I believe we are in the right path against this.”