Samsam Gullas makes it easier to tell who’s single or taken this Valentine’s


Are you single, taken, or hurting? In Talisay City, you won’t feel alone.

Mayor Samsam Gullas had a fresh pakulo for Valentine’s Day. The politiko issued a memo to city hall employees prescribing a Friday dress code to express what their relationship status is.

“Valentine’s Day is usually a happy day for most. It’s an opportunity to spend the day with your wife, girlfriend or your “forever”. Ang malipay ani ang mga taw na in love. Sadly for some, not all people are in love come February 14. Some are hurt, some are in complicated relationships, some just want to be alone, some let the one get away and some are just manhid to their feelings,” Gullas said.

The dress code is as follows:

RED – taken and in love
YELLOW – it’s complicated
ORANGE – prisoner to someone’s heart
GREEN – single and ready to mingle
PINK – me time, not yet ready
GREY – the one that got away
BLACK – manhid

“While it will be a chance to express yourself and how you feel, I see it as a chance for us to have a very colorful Valentine’s Day,” the politiko added, as he urged both regular and contractual workers and even the administration of Talisay City College to join in.

Sounds fun!