Samsam Gullas explains why he’s not suspending classes for Teachers’ Day


He’s keeping kids in school so they can hug and thank their beloved teachers.

Mayor Gerald Anthony “Samsam” Gullas felt he had to explain his decision not to suspend classes on October 4, when most schools are celebrating Teachers’ Day, despite the clamor. To him, it’s all for the best.

“Though its a good thing since you’ll get to rest and relax for a while, suspending classes is not an easy thing to do for a local chief executive like myself especially that the Department of Education (Deped) has mandated schools to comply to a 180-day non-negotiable contact time for teaching and learning,” Gullas said. “Meaning, on the days that they are not holding any classes due to national or local holidays, schools are required to hold make-up classes particularly on Saturdays to compensate for the days spent for other activities.”

But the mayor of Talisay, Cebu set the record straight: he loves teachers for their dedication.

“Go to school tomorrow. Hug and thank your teachers,” he told students.

Here’s something to look forward to: October 15 will be a holiday to mark the city’s fiesta.

I have been getting a lot of queries if I plan to suspend classes in the city for tomorrow's Teachers' Day…

Posted by Samsam Gullas on Wednesday, 2 October 2019