Samar Guv Ann Tan focuses 2 days of work on helping Calbayog

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Samar Governor Ann Tan made sure Calbayog City is on the right track towards progress and development.

The politiko sat down with Vice-Governor Arnold Tan and Calbayog officials for a working weekend for a two-day alignment and coordinative meeting. They worked with fellow politikos Mayor Raymund “Monmon” Uy and Vice-Mayor Rex Daguman, together with Councilor Abbie Irigon, PCL-Samar President Minda Pasacas, and department heads of the city.

“The Provincial Government of Samar and the City Government of Calbayog will be working hand-in-hand for the realization of a more progressive Calbayog City, focusing on programs that will be felt by ALL Calbayognons, including the marginalized sectors who have been longing for a more inclusive and non-partisan system of governance in the city,” Tan promised.