Sagot ko kayo! Ben Evardone provides free face masks, shields in E. Sama

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Ben Evardone is responding to a public appeal for free face masks and face shields with a pledge to Eastern Samar’s frontliners and the vulnerable.

Following a news report on a plea for free protective gear, the governor said he is responding to this call.

“The provincial government will provide free face masks and face shields to ALL — frontliners (health care workers, BHERTS, emergency teams, policemen, firemen, among others), senior citizens, PWD, teachers, solo parents, and other vulnerable sectors,” he proudly said.[0]=AZWgF1i2zx6bFcwtfEJdagGgxsdAoy75DNM592eU7IxMBOL-gzAPjOHSVsjS525lX23LdckcuVJVwyoWuP8DpjFVqg1HypTJmBLvM6FqbeTaomFZWkCEZT9Kz1J1INqIQHo&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R