Sa wakas! Duterte sides with Tommy Osmeña on Cebu BRT

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The politiko said this is the “best birthday present” ever.

Mayor Tommy Osmeña was thrilled to hear that President Rodrigo Duterte has finally decided on the fate of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project in Cebu City, which he had long touted as the solution to worsening traffic.

Osmeña got word that Duterte has rejected the recommendations of Presidential Adviser for Visayas Michael Dino to scrap the BRT. The best part was that the announcement came just a day after his 70th birthday on July 26.

“This is long overdue. We are losing millions every month in interest fees because of a failure to implement. Even COA has recommended that charges be filed,” Osmeña said.

“We cannot do anything about that; at least now the decision has been made. Late is far, far, better than never.”