Rodrigo Abellanosa vows to preserve Cebu’s natural resources

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Cebu City 2nd District Representative Rodrigo Abellanosa promised to preserve Cebu’s natural resources.

The Cebu politiko was recently elected as chairman of House of Representatives Committee on Natural Resources.

“Being the chairman of the committee, we can now push for legislations that will help protect Cebu’s natural resources,” Abellanosa said.

“Many of our constituents subsist mainly on output from our marine and land resources and we are now in a better position to encourage legislation that will not only preserve such resources but will also hopefully improve the yield, hence improving many of our fellow Cebuanos’ livelihood,” he added.

Abellanosa also said he did not expect to be elected as chairman.

“After all, in my years as a member of the House, I believe I have demonstrated my competence as a lawmaker, my abilities as a leader, and my dedication to serving our fellowmen,” he said.