Risky kaayo! Labella prohibits minors from shopping malls


Minors below 15 years old, even accompanied by their parents, in Cebu City will not be allowed inside malls during the Christmas holiday, Mayor Edgardo Labella said.

Labella made the announcement, citing recommendation from the City Health Department.

Aside from the health risk involved, the mayor said allowing under 15-year-olds to do malling also needs an ordinance from the local government unit. (

“We will not allow minors below 15. It’s risky. In the first place, there is no such ordinance. According to (Interior chief) Año, an ordinance has to be enacted,” said Labella.

The Emergency Operations Center’s daily monitoring showed that some transmissions of the coronavirus were linked to malls. Last month, at least six cases were attributed to malls as the possible source of infection.