Respect rule of law, Benitez tells Kadamay


There has to be order despite dire conditions.

Negros Occidental Rep. Alfredo “Albee” Benitez said the takeover attempt of the Kadamay group of a housing project in Rodriguez, Rizal demonstrates just how big the gap is for socialized housing.

However, Benitez did not condone the group’s actions as they were basically robbing policemen and soldiers of what is rightfully theirs.

“We recognize the need and growing desperation among urban poor for adequate housing. However, we put prime in the RULE OF LAW and the institutional process to address social issues. We cannot let desperation lead to anarchy,” Benitez said.

“NHA (National Housing Authority) should work double time to institutemechanisms for informal settler families, including KADAMAY members, to avail low-cost housing formerly under the PNP/AFP housing program,” he added.

Keep calm!