Renaming Philippines to ‘Maharlika’ needs wider consultation – Magpale

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Cebu Vice Governor Agnes Magpale said the proposal to change the name of the Philippines to “Maharlika” will need a wider consultation with all sectors.

Magpale, however, refused to say if she is either for or against the renaming of the country.

“I cannot decide. I like the word ‘Maharlika’ but to be the new name… it won’t be easy. We are how many years old nga Pilipinas,” according to the lady politiko.

In a speech delivered in Maguindanao, President Duterte on Monday said he was open to the idea of changing the country’s name to Maharlika.

In a Cebu Daily News article, Magpale also said the government should consider the sentiments of the older generation in coming up with the decision.

“We need to consult kay we don’t know sa effect sa all ages. It doesn’t really matter for (the young people) but let us respect the elders and our history,” she added.