Rebolusyon pa more daw! NPA distributes flyers in Iloilo towns

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The communist New People’s Army did some campaigning of its own this week when it distributed flyers in Leon and Tigbauan towns in Iloilo province.

Printed on the flyers was a message claiming the NPA will continue with its “revolution,” along with images of what appeared to be their camp sites.

NPAs marked their 50th anniversary on Friday, March 29.

In Leon town, police recovered several of the flyers, which indicated they were from the NPA-Southern Panay’s Napoleon Tumagtang Command.

Leon head Police Lt. Sotero Paguntalan Jr. said the flyers were distributed in areas from Poblacion going to Barangays Agboy, Anonang, and Talacuan.

He said motorcycle-riding men reportedly carried and haphazardly threw the flyers around 2 a.m. Friday.

Together with Philippine Army troops, Leon cops tried to chase the motorcycle-riding men but failed to catch them.

Paguntalan said the NPA might be recruiting in hinterland barangays of Leon.

In Tigbauan, town police head Police Maj. Dennis Pamonag said they also recovered flyers and a streamer at Barangay Buyuan.

“But we didn’t get reports of other propaganda materials in other areas,” he said.