Raymond Mendoza marks Labor Day for casual workers

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Raymond Democrito Mendoza knows a bigger yet unseen dimension in the country’s labor force.

The TUCP congressman spent May 6 marking the Informal Sector Labor Day, where people who render work for the so-called underground economy get celebrated.

“The significance of the informal sector’s contribution to the Philippine economy cannot be discounted. Yet, they remain unseen in government programs, services and social protection, struggling at the margins of the Philippine society, and they remain vulnerable and exposed to the vagaries of poverty and inequality,” the politiko said.

“They are the faceless and unaccounted informal sector workers in informal employment arrangements,” he added.

His call is for them to be seen and covered by public programs, too.

“Our guiding principle: All workers must be accorded with opportunities for them to freely craft their own future. We cannot forever cast them down to insecure jobs, poverty and hopelessness.

It is the high-time to provide them with comprehensive legislation to ensure that they have the equal protection as those workers in the formal economy,” Mendoza added.