Rama to council: Approve P15K bonus asap

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The ordinance granting the P15,000 Charter Day bonus only needs to be approved by the Cebu City Council in the third and final reading before it can be distributed to more than 5,000 employees.

Employee bonuses will cost around P67 million, according to City Councilor Noel Wenceslao.

Wenceslao, chairman of the budget and finance committee, said the amount will be charged from the city’s annual budget for 2023. (

Mayor Mike Rama had pleaded with the City Council to immediately approve the ordinance, saying that the workers should not have to wait any longer.

He even joked that elections would be held soon in 2025.

“Have you approved it or not? Hurry up. The election is coming. Do a special session. Come on. Why you can’t do that? The poor cannot wait, think about it. In favor of the poor, in favor of the employees, we must be effective and efficient. If you are not thinking about that, 2025 is the day of reckoning,” he said Monday.