Rama seeks new jail facility to address congestion


Cebu City Vice Mayor Michael Rama proposes for a common jail facility to address congestion at the City Jail and Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC) and the lack of drug rehab centers.

The inmates of both City Jail and CPDRC in Barangay Kalunasan should be relocated to one big facility outside the city, said Rama.

He suggested that the existing jail facilities can be used as rehabilitation centers for drug dependents. (

“Let’s transfer all these jails outside Cebu City, the inmates and probably, convert the province and the city jail as rehabilitation center for drug dependents,” said Rama.

The politiko added that the city government, provincial government, and the national government can pool resources to construct one big jail facility that could house all the inmates from City Jail and CPDRC.

At present, the City Jail houses 5,800 inmates while the CPDRC houses 2,448 persons deprived of liberty. The City Jail only has a capacity of 1,900 while CPDRC has 1,600.