Rama lauds Marcos’ EO allowing voluntary use of face mask outdoors

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Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama lauded President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s decision to allow the optional use of face masks in non-crowded and well-ventilated outdoor areas.

“I appreciate it very much and I want to look at it… I look at it as managing COVID vis-a-vis economic recovery,” said Rama.

Marcos Jr.’s Executive Order (EO) No. 3 “settled” debates surrounding the voluntary use of face masks, the city mayor added. (

Rama, however, said that his EO on the non-obligatory use of face masks in outdoor settings will remain under a trial and observation period.

“I have not dropped anything, why would I drop it, it will be as is. Both are complementing each other. Then after that you can see that there is no cases anymore, I mean it is good to see, but I did not drop anything, what will I drop,” he said.

Under EO 3, immunocompromised persons, senior citizens, and individuals not fully vaccinated against Covid-19 are “strongly encouraged” to wear face masks.