Public–private partnerships for water: Gov Garcia

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The Cebu Provincial Government plans to enter into private-public partnerships (PPP) to to address water shortage in the province.

Governor Gwendolyn Garcia said she is looking at the possibility of tapping and developing the surface water of Malubog and Mananga dams in the cities of Toledo and Talisay for bulk water production.

“We are very much interested to partner with competent companies with integrity,” added Garcia.

“There is a template. The province is looking at a PPP… the province of Cebu and a private company which has the technical capacity to develop bulk water.” (

Developing new bulk water production plants is the long-term solution to the province’s water shortage, the lady politiko said.

The cities of Talisay and Mandaue, as well as the towns of Cordova and Consolacion have been hampered by a shortage of water.