Poverty, illiteracy must be weeded out for truth prosperity to come — Iloilo Guv Defensor

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For development and prosperity to come, poverty and illiteracy must be ruthlessly weeded out, Iloilo Govenor Arthur Defensor, Sr. said Tuesday, November 22.

The politiko made this pronouncement during the consultation workshop for the Zero Extreme Poverty 2030 project of the Synergia, an organization that works to improve the quality of education

Defensor noted that poverty and illiteracy are intertwined and both need to be addressed at the same time.

Citing his real-life experience concerning his classmate in elementary many years ago, Defensor stressed that “illiteracy leads to poverty and poverty begets illiteracy.”

“It is not surprising therefore that the towns in Iloilo that figured the highest in poverty incidence, namely Concepcion, Carles, Batad, San Dionisio and Lemery were also the same towns found to have the lowest survival rates in primary education,” the Iloilo governor stressed

Defensor, however, stressed that collective action is needed in order to succeed in the war against poverty and illiteracy.

“It is imperative that we, government, school, church, civil societies and communities work together and help in areas where we have competencies so that we can win this war,” he added.