Plaridel Nava files raps vs. WVMC personnel


Iloilo City Councilor Plaridel Nava on Tuesday filed administrative cases against four medical staff of Western Visayas Medical Center (WVMC) before the Office of Ombudsman Visayas.

Dr. Ma. Cristina Woo, Chief Medical Professional Staff of WVMC; Ivy Huertas, Administrative Officer V; Michelle Villa, Administrative Officer III; and Mary Jane Sasana, Administrative Aide VI were charged for gross neglect of duty, conduct prejudicial to the best interest of public service, and violation of Republic Act 6713 or the COde of Ethical Standard of Public Official.

The Daily Guardian reported that Nava’s complaint stemmed from a March 25 incident where Ma. Cecilia, the former wife of Nava, brought their 12-year-old son to the WVMC for injuries he suffered after a group of teenagers threw stones at their house on March 23.

His ex-wife, he said, asked for a copy of a medical certificate, which is required in the filing of a case, but was told by Villa, citing hospital policy, that a request letter from the police should be submitted first before they could release the paper.

According to him, the officer has no right to withhold the medical certificate.

“Any policy can be changed depending on circumstances,” Nava said, adding they were already running short on time to file the case before the detention period ended at 12 noon on the same day or else the suspects will be released.

The abogado-politiko went immediately to the hospital to negotiate with Huertas but she refused to release the medical certificate and referred him to Woo.

“They could not understand the urgency of the situation and the repercussion of the non-release of the medical certificate. Adding insult to injury, Woo displayed her arrogance and her ignorance of the law,” he lamented.

Woo ordered the release of the medical certificate at 12:12 p.m., said Nava, also claiming that another personnel, Sasana was recording the incident using her smartphone, which is a clear violation of the law.

“The arrogant attitude and misdemeanor of the respondents run counter to the norms of conduct of public officials and employees as enshrined in Section 4 of Republic Act 6713,” the councilor added.

Nava did not deny his outburst at the hospital was triggered by his frustrations.

“I admit I had that outburst and nobody can blame me because the person involved is my son, a minor. It even prompted me to say that WVMC is the lousiest hospital because it’s true,” he said.