Plaridel Nava drops Pacita Gonzalez as mayoral candidate

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Councilor and vice mayoral aspirant Plaridel Nava has withdrawn his support for the mayoral bid of Dr. Pacita Gonzalez in the May polls.

This, after a disagreement with Gonzalez’s daughter Marigold.

In a social media post, Nava vented his disappointment after the younger Gonzalez allegedly asked him and Councilor Joshua Alim, a congressional candidate, to force their supporters and leaders to vote straight for AlGoNa (Alim-Gonzalez-Nava) on this year’s midterm elections.

“I’m sick and tired of arguing with people like Gold Gonzalez who can’t even win as city councilor. I’m done. No more ALGoNa. Alim-Nava na lang,” the abogado wrote on Facebook today.

According to him, he would only convince barangay officials supporting his candidacy to also support Pacita if her rating reaches 50+ percent and if she is willing to spend for the campaign.

“Otherwise, don’t pressure me to drop them like a hot potato because I can’t. They have been with me since 2010. I won in the past 3 elections because they [stuck] with me all the way through thick and thin,” said Nava.

“It happens that this time they prefer and want to support a different mayor. It’s their choice. I have tried to convince them, but they already made a prior commitment to other candidate,” he added.

Nava also criticized Marigold for being “immature,” saying that she’s a liability to her mother’s candidacy.