PJ Garcia clarifies: Mactan airport to retain name despite ‘Lapulapu’ bills


Pablo John Garcia said he struck a deal with fellow congressmen to retain the name Mactan Cebu International Airport for the entire transport facility amid calls to use it to honor the hero Lapulapu.

The lawmaker from Cebu said the local gateway will still be named as such, and that only the passenger terminals will be named after the victorious leader of the Battle of Mactan against the Spaniards.

The entire airport will still be MCIA, but the change will mean that the two major buildings there would be the Lapulapu Domestic Terminal and Lapulapu International Terminal.

“The bill follows the LAX model where the airport is named Los Angeles International Airport while its major terminal is named Tom Bradley International Terminal,” Garcia said in a statement, adding it’s a compromise that would pose the least confusion among travelers.