Pati tupada pinasok na! Cops link RPA-ABB to illegal cockfight in Antique

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While the communist New People’s Army has been linked to extortion, its splinter group is now being linked to illegal cockfighting operations.

Police in Antique province are looking into reports the Revolutionary Proletarian Army-Alex Boncayao Brigade (RPA-ABB) is into such operations in Pandan town.

Unlike the NPA, the RPA-ABB had entered into a peace agreement with the government in early 2000 (

But police failed to arrest the suspected RPA-ABB members and their supposed contact during an anti-illegal gambling operation last April 15 in Barangay Sta. Ana, Pandan.

Pandan police head Inspector Pablito Ebon cited their information identifying the RPA-ABB members into illegal cockfighting as Rolly Siscar; and one Jorge Batoy, around 40 years old.

Siscar is reportedly a member and commander of the local RPA-ABB unit in the area.

Also tagged in the racket was one Reggie Cordova, 38, a cockpit manager and resident of Barangay Sta. Ana

Ebon said they launched the operation after receiving a call informing of an illegal cockfighting in the area.

But before Ebon’s team could reach the cockpit, the suspects, bettors, and other bystanders had fled.

Police theorized the suspects crossed a river near the cockpit to evade arrest.

Although police failed to make arrests, they recovered 16 game fowls, 13 of which were already dead. Pursuit operations are ongoing.

Ebon said information reaching them showed the two reported RPA-ABB members were behind the illegal cockfighting in the area.

“They allegedly transferred to Pandan because authorities in Ibajay had been going after their illegal operations,” Ebon said.